The Clinic at The Mall through a partnership with UAP-OM Insurance, offers an affordable medical insurance coverage policy for members of the diaspora with dependent family members living in Uganda.

It covers pre-existing conditions and chronic diseases on both in-patient and out-patient circumstances. Out-patient treatment is provided solely at The Clinic at The Mall, located at the Village Mall in Bugolobi. This policy also covers dental and optical needs.

Diaspora Health Connect insurance
CIGNA insurance

Ugandans living in the Diaspora purchase this health insurance coverage directly from UAP-OM for their dependents living in Uganda via this Online link: secure.uap-group.com

Holders of International insurance coverage can be seen at The Clinic at The Mall. Reimbursement forms will be signed for them to claim from their insurance companies.

How do I sign up for cover?

Let UAP-Old Mutual know your dependents’ names. age and contact. Ages 0-65 years are covered. If on cover at 65 years. it can be extended to 70 years.

How can my dependents access Coverage:

Each insured member would be issued a Smart card, which they can present at the Health facility to obtain treatment. The card is biometric and no photos required.

Where can I get Treatment?

The Clinic At the Mall for dependents in Kampala. In addition a panel of trusted service providers across the country and in East Africa

What Happens in case of an emergency and there is no UAP appointed provider nearby?

Your health is our priority. Visit the nearest hospital or clinic and then inform us within 48 hours.

How do I pay premiums?

Premiums are payable through our bank account. Online payments using major credt cards will also be available.

Other related benefits?

A funeral expense coverage available through APLUS. Quarterly utilization updates

For more information and detail contact:

Dr. George Mutema

+1513-884- 5774

email – gmutema@gmail.com